In the Bible, Esther’s story is God’s story of redemption. Thought God is never mentioned by name in the book of Esther, His hand is moving on every page. The glorious good news is that God’s power and presence in our lives is the same as it was in Esther’s.


As we near the end of the book of Esther, it is helpful to remember the big picture of God’s activity throughout the book. First, God is providential. This means that God is faithfully and effectively guiding everything which He has made to the end which He has chosen. This means that God is always at work in our lives. He has planned for all of life’s details.

Second, God is sovereign. God is in complete control. This truth reminds me that not only has God planned for the details of life, but He has the authority to carry out His plans.

Third, God is faithful. God is faithful to fulfill His plans according to His promises in His Word. Even when God disciplines us for a season, he does not cast us away or forget His promises to us. This truth reminds us that not only has God planned for the details of life and He has the authority to carry them out, but He has the time for the details of life. God is eternal.

Fourth, God is just. Sometimes God does not do things the way we would. This does not lessen His goodness; rather, it underscores His sovereign providence. The truth is justice will be served. Justice is not only punishment for the evil done, but it is the reward for the faithfulness to do right.

Esther chapters eight and nine teach us that God’s justice and timing are always perfect. God is not slow to bring justice. He is longsuffering, patient and kind. Yet, His justice is always sure. These chapters highlight two truths that God’s people must remembers when waiting for justice to be served.

Let God fight your battles. Esther and Mordecai have been trusting God and waiting on His wisdom and timing as to the details of how they were to trust Him to save them from Haman and his death sentence for the Jews. It would have been easy for them to let their fear dictate their behavior and taken matters into their own hands. However, they trusted God. Waited. And in His timing God did what only God could do. He saved their lives, the lives of fifteen million other Jews, had their enemy killed and moved the king to give them his authority to write a new edict that would allow the Jews to defend themselves and their families. Only God could have orchestrated the details in this way.

God never forgets His promises or His children. On the very day the Jews were to have been slaughtered, God made beauty from their ashes. The Jews are given permission to defend themselves from their enemy attackers. In one day there is both mourning and rejoicing. There is mourning for those who died. Meanwhile, there are parties and feasts for those who were saved.

This is a picture of the cross of Christ. On the cross, Jesus died for our sins. As we think of this, there is mourning. God’s Son is killed. But there is also rejoicing. Jesus died for us to save us from our sins.

God never takes His eyes off us. God is always at work in our lives by the same power with which He created everything out of nothing and the by the same power with which He raised Jesus from the dead. We should live like it. We should trust God like it. We should obey God like it. We should surrender to God like it.

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