Think Biblically

God is the focus of the book of Esther. Esther story is the story of God’s providential work. The book of Esther is about how perfectly He works, how sovereignly He controls and how remarkably He changes the face of things.


We have seen that the issue of timing as being important. We see the past, present and future and three distinctly different time slots. God sees everything as one eternal now because He is not limited by time and space. In order to grasp God’s wisdom and timing for His will in our lives we must learn to think biblically. This is tough to do because it works against our human, natural way of thinking. We have to discipline ourselves and retrain our hearts and minds to think biblically. Charles Swindoll wrote, “But God offers a better way to live – one that requires faith, as it lifts us above the drag and grind of our immediate little world, opens new dimensions of thought, and introduces a perspective without human limitations. In order to enter this better way, we must train ourselves to think theologically. Once we’ve made the switch, our focus turns away from ourselves, removing us from a self-centered realm of existence and opening the door of our minds to a God-centered frame of reference, where all things begin and end with Him.”

From Esther chapter seven, we see how important it is to make sure that we are evaluating and understanding life from a biblical point of view. We should not be confused by God’s sovereignty.

God’s sovereignty can sometimes be surprising. God is always at work. If you do not know this and if you do not believe this and if you do not remember this, when He stays silent you will panic. You will doubt. You will become resentful and bitter.

Sometimes God does not do things the way we would. Sometimes God does things in ways we do not understand or agree with. It does not lessen His goodness; rather, it underscores His sovereign providence … that God is in complete control and is faithful and effectively guiding everything which He has made to the end which He has chosen.

Here are two truths if we want to discover how God sovereignly works in our lives. 1) Life is filled with sustained periods of silence. Yet, these periods are just as significant as the times when He speaks. 2) The turning points of life are often subtle. A sensitive heart is required to discern them. At the precise moment when it will have its greatest impact, God ceases Hi silence and sovereignly makes His move.

God’s sovereignty is always comforting. Confidence in obeying God’s will for our lives comes not in knowing how others will react or respond, but in the certainty of knowing how God is leading. Esther had planned her ways and God is directing her steps (Proverbs 16:9). We can look back and see what God was up to all along. But, how did Esther know it was the right thing to do and the right time to do it? She had God’s Word and His promises. She practiced the spiritual disciplines. She was willing to obey.

If you do not see it before you see it, you will never see it. Esther was confident in what she was doing not because she and her friends thought it was a good idea, but because she had sought God for His wisdom and she knew it was God’s idea.

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