Theology Lesson on a Country Road

As a nineteen year old college student who was serving as children/youth pastor at a small rural church, I was fortunate to have a pastor who helped me grow in my faith and my calling to ministry. Sam and I would spend hours together each week talking ministry, discussing church needs, visiting hospitals and just living life together. I will never forget the story he shared with me one day as we rode down the highway in his truck.

He shared that earlier in his pastoral ministry there was a young man, whose family was part of his church, who was in a car wreck. Sam received a phone call about the wreck and the grim outlook for the young man’s life. He drove to the local hospital to be with the family.

As he arrived, the Emergency Room parking lot and street curbs were full of cars. When he walked into the Emergency Room waiting area, the room was overcrowded with friends and neighbors. Upon arriving at the hospital, Sam learned that the young man had died.

He made his way across the waiting area to the grieving mother. As he approached her, the mother grabbed Sam by the lapel of his jacket and began pounding her fists in to his chest. She was screaming at Sam, “Where was your God when my boy died?”

Sam paused. I leaned in because I wanted to hear how he answered this grief-stricken mother.

Sam said he told her, “He was in the same place He was the day His Boy died. Ruling and reigning from His throne in heaven. Loving you and me.”

God is bigger than anything we face … yes. But more than that. God is with us through everything that we face.

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